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Luke Sweeney Impose Magazine

Goldmine Sacks - (Impose Magazine)
Luke Sweeney’s single “Mother’s Day” brings out all the big-time power-pop instrumental & arrangement chops to make a sentimental song for the ages. This is one for everyone that misses their mom, or is lucky enough to spend the Hallmark holiday with the most wonderful women in the world who has given them life. The very chord progression make-up conveys the feeling of honest expression with a feeling that brings youthful remembrances forward to the now in a song designed to celebrate those special somebodies that are truly behind the reasons for the weekend holiday season. “Mother’s Day” manifests itself too as being something of the result of every major power-pop movement where Sweeney is able to articulate an infinite lullaby for his daughter that immortalizes his wife & the beauty of a bond that paves the way with guidelines for the generations to follow.